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Summoned to Rise


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Old school Thrash Fucking Metal project featuring Daniel Gonzalez (guitars), Gus Rios (guitars/drums) and Alex Marquez (vocals), CREATE A KILL has unleashed their debut full-length, "Summoned to Rise" on the unsuspecting hordes and the result will be nothing short of TOTAL ANIHILATION! Considering the fact that the members of CREATE A KILL have bands like POSSESSED, GRUESOME, MALEVOLENT CREATION, SOLSTICE, DEMOLITION HAMMER and DIVINE EMPIRE on their collective resumes and you will have some idea of the Thrash Metal FURY this unholy trio is capable of. Each song has a unique identity and plenty of killer breakdowns, ripping solos and impassioned vocal attacks making Summoned to Rise a punishing and invigorating listening experience. Echoes of old SLAYER, KREATOR and EXODUS can be heard throughout this one making this a real treat for old-school fans and a lesson in violence for newcomers.